Buyers Protection | Charge Back | Consumer Protection



We team Hire Hackers undertakes the following legal payback buyer’s protection statements. If the work is not completed in stated time, customer can ask up for payback statements. As we accept payments via Bitcoin, Banking Wire transfer and lot more here are the payback details in case the project is not completed or project stands unsuccessful.

If the case of payback arises customer is requested to forward a request to claim money back statement.

The statement must contain the CUST-ID and payback details enclosed.

Our Payback clearance are in Three stages.

(1) If the payment is received via Bitcoin Payback shall be cleared within 48 Hours (Working Days Only).

(2) If the payment is received via Banking Wire-Transfer Payback shall be cleared within 24 Hours (Working Days Only).

(3) If the payment is received via any other source such as HAWALA and overseas Payback shall be cleared within 64 Hours (Working Days Only).

It is our here by request to launch help Center as soon as the problem arises. Complains after stated dates should not be taken into consideration. We don’t take 3rd parties payback system into our transaction as 3rd party payment gateway can’t be controlled by us or the duration of amount credit. There won’t be any extra charge back implemented in the transaction rather than the project budget.

We also support 100% confidential project processing with confidentiality guaranteed. In certain case both side security should be taken care by both parties. Charge back and money back guarantee will not be considering if client has received the stated files. After the deal starts clients has no permission to change the deal. If so the buyer’s protection stands false in the case.

As we are group of best experienced Hackers, we complete the project on stated time and with complete data. In case for more details Kindly send your query to myhackingwork[at]