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Hacking service It’s all about engagement and education. You want to keep people interested in your service long after they made the purchase. This continuous education cycle makes you a valuable partner.

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Use post-purchase drip campaigns to keep the conversation going. It could be a simple weekly newsletter about industry developments or an in-depth course for getting the most out of their purchase from you.

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  1. Automate content marketing with a user-generated system.

If you’re invested in long-term user acquisition, invest in content marketing. And once you build up a large enough audience, consider hacking the process by experimenting with an automated user generated content system (UGC).

One of my favorite B2B examples comes from Moz with its YouMoz blog. Hacking service

  1. Restart the nurturing process with inactive leads.

You won’t close every lead that makes it through the sales process. At any given time, a lead may become inactive due to lack of engagement or lost interest.

Teach salespeople to move inactive leads into a re-engagement campaign. These initiatives work to revitalize interest in your company’s offerings through a new lead nurturing campaign. Sometimes it’s the best — and only — way to get the sales process back on track.

  1. Segment promotions based on purchase behavior.

Once you learn something about a lead, don’t let that information gather dust. You want to use it to further customize your marketing message.

Some general segment ideas include:

Previous activity history

Personal information

Company information | Hacking service

Using this information, customize your promotions for each marketing segment. Then use dynamic marketing to grab attention on the website and through re-marketing.

  1. Send a tweet for each Twitter card lead.

You can use a nimble tool such as Zapier to implement a number of marketing automation hacks.


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